About Redmax Media

Your Experts in Television Production

Energy, enthusiasm and a well considered plan are key elements of the Redmax Media team.  Our production teams work with our clients to produce a result that we can all be proud of.


Live, Post, Light Entertainment & More

RedMax Media is a multi-media production company with a very strong background in LIVE television production, post-produced sport and light entertainment programmes, web streaming, TVCs and marketing presentations.

International Experience

We have had extensive experience from the biggest events on television through to cost efficient corporate presentations.  With production experience in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Malaysia – RedMax  brings a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions to all projects.  Using the best in technology and production techniques, our creative input to projects maximises the impact for audiences and sponsors.


Headed by one of Australia's leading producers

Murray Lomax is one of Australia’s most experienced producers of LIVE and post-produced television, with some of the biggest credits in the business of sport and light entertainment.   Having worked with all Australian television networks and a large range of international broadcasters – now he heads the RedMax Media operation, bringing with him a long history of building successful production teams.